George wrapper and blouse For Stunning Ladies-80 New Designs

George wrapper and blouse For Stunning Ladies, 80 New Designs, Modesty in dressing is a win-win for Africa women, and this George wrapper and blouse is one of them, the blouse can be designed in so many ways that will give you that African woman figure,

One thing about George wrapper and blouse is that it has a way of elevating the wearer, giving that expensive and thick-madam look’ and that, aside from its price point, puts it in a special place in the Nigerian women’s closet. This fabric is a luxury and premium occasion-wear fabric that has long been loved by dam look’ occasion attire. Come on, let’s get right into it.

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Here we have the latest George wrapper designs and styles of George blouses that can be used for Child Dedication, traditional Marriage, owanbe, church occasions, and so on, George wrappers and Blouses look stylish on brides.

Okay, it’s time for us to entertain your eyes with our collection of Beautiful George wrappers and Blouses styles that will amaze you, kindly save any picture of your choice, and your tailor to give you the exact and glam up your day with that beautiful look.

Swipe or scroll down below to see our picks of George wrapper bridal looks for traditional weddings (Igbo/ Niger-Delta regions). These wrapper designs and combo blouse styles are also perfect for celebrants of other types of events, mother of celebrants, and wedding/ party guests going for the ‘thick madam look. Enjoy!

George wrapper and blouse
George wrapper and blouse

TYLE NOTES The first image is a Wine and silver hand-cut George wrapper paired with an bardot off shoulders neckline blouse. She finishes the look with a sparkling silver clutch purse that compliments the stones on her George.

The second image is a beautiful Traditional wedding bridal look in an orange and silver heavily embellished George wrapper paired with an off-shoulder blouse. She completes the look with an orange stoned colored clutch purse.

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